BREAKING! Soros Promises ‘NATIONWIDE RIOTS’ If Trump Does It This Week! THIS IS HUGE!

According to YourNewsWire, “George Soros has boasted about plans to roll out nationwide riots across the U.S. if Mueller drops his Trump Russia probe.”  His radical group by the name of issued a warning that it  “will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing,”  that was posted on their website.

They say that Donald Trump has made his consideration about firing Robert Mueller public. The special counsel was put there to lead the Department of Justice in their investigation of any possible illegal actions conducted by him or the members of his  presidential campaign.

This type of move will mean a constitutional crisis for the country and would require an immediate categorical response to make it clear that that kind of  abuse of power will not be tolerated. They say that their response right after the act of power abuse will dictate the further development of the situation. They plan on seeing what the reaction of Congress will be.

That is the reason why they are ready to, if need be, hold emergency rallies through the country, to show that  “Nobody is Above the Law”. says that “ Now the snowflakes at are saying that it would be a “constitutional crisis” if Trump were to fire Mueller and vow to hold emergency “Nobody Is Above the Law” rallies in all 50 states.”

“The Alt-Left group’s plan is as follows:

If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time
If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following day.”

Many Republican lawmakers think that President Trump has every right to fire Mueller, and not just that, they also believe that this is the right thing to do.

President Trump is fully within his Constitutional rights to fire Mueller. Many Republican lawmakers believe he should do just that as it’s obvious this isn’t about justice, it’s about taking out Trump because butthurt libs just can’t get over the fact that he won. As a matter of fact, it has been reported today that the House might be investigating FBI agents and DOJ officials for anti-Trump bias.

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