Obama’s Favorite Congresswoman Going To Prison For Disgusting Thing She Did To Kids While On The Job

According to Fox News, she will be getting 5 years in prison for her crimes:

“Former Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown was sentenced on Monday to five years in prison for mail, wire and tax fraud involving a sham charity.

A jury convicted Brown of stealing money from a bogus charity, One Door For Education, which purported to give scholarships to poor children but instead filled the coffers of Brown and her associates.

Federal prosecutors said she and a top aide committed fraud by using donations for lavish parties and trips.

The aide and another official later accepted a plea deal and testified against Brown, who served in Congress for nearly 25 years.

She was defeated in her 2016 primary race.

Earlier this year, One Door President Carla Wiley pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud after it was determined that she had deposited $800,000 into the foundation’s account over four years. Over that time, federal prosecutors say it gave one scholarship for $1,000 and that Wiley transferred herself tens of thousands of dollars.

Brown’s former chief of staff, Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, and the charity’s president pleaded guilty after their federal indictments for misusing the charity’s funds, and testified against Brown.

Brown testified that she was left in the dark about the goings-on with One Door’s money, and blamed the theft on Simmons.

She was convicted in May on 18 of 22 charges.

Brown’s attorney was seeking probation in Monday’s sentencing.”

There are a lot of slimy things that a person can do with their lives, but stealing money donated for children is right up there with some of the slimiest. It doesn’t even appear that there was any pretense of an attempt to do the right thing, she just used the money for herself and that was that. So much for going to Washington to watch her people’s backs or acting like she was a real live public servant.

While she will no uncertainty get out some time before the five years are up, and somebody will make a saint of her since she is female, and a minority, yet I advise you that if minorities and women’s activists need to be dealt with as equivalent, they have to take that equivalent in each shape. This is a wrongdoing, straightforward, and it merits jail time. In the event that she would not like to go to jail, she shouldn’t have stolen cash.

Tampa Bay Times, the neighborhood news outlet that secured the story has more insights about the congresswoman and her vocation in governmental issues:

Darker, 71, was requested to hand herself over to specialists no sooner than Jan. 8. She spoke to a Florida locale that included Jacksonville amid her about 25-year vocation.

Darker, a Democrat who was one of the initial three African-Americans to be chosen to Congress from Florida since Reconstruction, was indicted by a government jury in May on 18 of the 22 charges against her, which included extortion, lying on her assessment forms and on her congressional money related divulgences.

Prosecutors delineated an example of misrepresentation by Brown and her best associate that included utilizing a huge number of dollars from the One Door for Education Foundation for luxurious gatherings, treks, and shopping trips.

Darker’s previous head of staff, Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, and One Door’s official chief Carla Wiley had acknowledged supplication bargains and affirmed against Brown. They were likewise condemned Monday. Simmons was condemned to four years in jail, trailed by three years of probation, and Wiley got a one-year sentence following by three years of probation. They too were requested to hand themselves over no sooner than Jan. 8.

Government prosecutors said the three utilized One Door to acquire more than $800,000 in the vicinity of 2012 and 2016, including a prominent golf competition at TPC Sawgrass. The Virginia-based One Door just gave out one grant for $1,200 to a unidentified individual in Florida, as per court records.

Simmons told members of the jury that his manager requested him to take money and checks from One Door’s record on many events and store the cash into Brown’s own record.

Darker affirmed in her own barrier, saying she was left oblivious about the points of interest of One Door’s cash and faulted the burglary for Simmons.

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