There are no less than two alleged Hillary Clintons. One is a body twofold. Both wear grown-up diapers, which represents the state of their articles of clothing, yet they are not extremely unobtrusive about it, such a variety of YouTube clients could notice and remark.

She is continually experiencing seizures, power outages, falls and crumples.

She has unspecified heart inconvenience.

She has lupus.

Additionally, “there’s extraordinary needs there” (Rep. Louie Gohmert’s words, not mine) and the best way to help her is through the energy of supplication.

When you consider the greater part of this, it is stunning all that she has finished. Just by method for examination, I contracted a slight chilly this end of the week and have been inclined on the sofa as far back as underneath a monster hill of tissues. What’s more, she has been secretary of state, served in the Senate and keep running for president twice, all while LITERALLY DYING at each conceivable minute.

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