BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Facing PRISON After This Revelation!

Well, judging by the fact that every other day there’s something new the media “forgot” to tell us, it seems that we might as well get used to corruption that the Clinton family spreads, mainly through their scandalous Clinton Foundation.

Officials from the Foundation have confessed that former President Bill Clinton took $1 million as a “present” from the government of Qatar for his 65th birthday celebration. The Foundation failed to report about this donation, therefore violating the State Department ethics deal.

In one of the myriads of emails procured from the computer of Hillary’s former campaign manager John Podesta, it is shown that the Clinton Foundation received $1 million from the government of Qatar for the celebration of Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday. The Clinton Foundation did not report the money to the Department of State.

As per Reuters, the Department of State didn’t know about any gifts made by the legislature of Qatar.

A year ago, the Clinton Foundation admitted that the Clinton Health Access Initiative has not discharged records of its patrons since 2010, regardless of the guarantee of Hillary to give a rundown consistently.

Reuters detailed that workers at the Clinton Foundation conceded that they once in a while exceeded the arrangement under the Obama organization, however denounced oversights.

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