Obama Daughters In The News Again! FBI Caught Them DEALING WITH….

A trusted police source has quite recently educated us that Sasha Obama was pulled over late Thursday morning in Washington D.C., driving what is thought to be her daddy’s favor BMW. Yet, not just that, she was supposedly inebriated too.

The source, who is a dedicated vocation D.C. cop who ended his hush due to an “obligation to go to bat for equity and what is ideal for Americans” says Sasha will probably be accused of a D.U.I., in any event. Rash driving, jeopardizing people on foot and more extreme criminal accusations may soon take after.

It is additionally being accounted for on selective underground traditionalist news-accommodating on the web channels that Sasha was not just intoxicated on liquor, she was high on pot too. Not that it is astonishing originating from the little girl if THIS stoner druggie washout:

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