BREAKING: Assassination Attempt On Trump STOPPED TODAY!

An insane individual on a mission made it past the lower-crusade security at Trump Tower early today, watched out for generally by United States Secret Service, and progressed from an office on the fourth floor the separation to the lower level of Donald Trump’s penthouse by climbing and crawling through inside mechanical dividers and ventilation work.

The man, a liberal Democrat named Vincent McMoyer-Green, who has expansive get ready with the Progressive Militia of Massachusetts and a four year school instruction in English written work, was passing on just a game plan of diagrams and a collapsing blade. He was found by Trump’s own security detail in the wake of lurching a calm warmth sensor alert near the penthouse arms stockpile.

Trump’s head of security, Shawn DeBruce, said the man had no guns when he entered the building and was probably endeavoring to get to the arms to get one of the few weapons Trump proceeds with site in case of emergency. “Mr. Trump can be delineated as a ‘Doomsday Prepper,'” said DeBruce, “It’s that sentiment genuine status that makes a substantial bit of us so loyal to his affirmation.”

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