Trump ANNOUNCED: Special Prosecutor Will INVESTIGATE Obama!

Liberals are continually saying that Donald Trump is a criminal. Be that as it may, in all actuality, Barack Hussein Obama is the person who has really been perpetrating wrongdoing.

Presently, he may at last need to respond in due order regarding what he has done.

I think it is an extremely substantial thing to ask if Barack Obama’s keeping an eye on American subjects amid his time in office was more terrible than Watergate. I view it as enormously more terrible. It was continuous and not constrained to one occasion but then Obama has not been called to undertaking for it by any means… yet. A progression of subpoenas were only issued by the House to previous high-positioning individuals from the Obama organization for inappropriate unmasking. Those incorporate Susan Rice, John Brennan and Samantha Power. Be that as it may, you’d never know it… ABC, CBS and other liberal media outlets are purposely disregarding it and continue shrieking Russia over Trump.

From USA Today:

In 1972, a few workers of President Nixon’s re-race board of trustees were gotten when they broke into the Democratic National Committee central command to plant a bug. This prompted Nixon’s renunciation and presumably would have prompted his crime arraignment had he not been acquitted by his successor, Gerald Ford.

In any case, if a solitary pestering of the political resistance is sufficient to cut down an administration — and possibly prompt an uncommon criminal arraignment of a previous president — then what are we to make of the as of late divulged Obama organization program of greatly keeping an eye on political adversaries disregarding unmistakably settled law?

Since that is what was disclosed a week ago.

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