BREAKING – Putin Issues URGENT Security Warning About Anti-Trump Media. FIGHT BACK.

The little game the media has been playing has been going on for far too long. In fact, the situation is so frustrating that Russia felt the need to speak out.

Spokesperson for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that relations between our two countries are being eroded by “hysteria in official Washington and in the American media.” (via CNN)

That’s right, the establishment has stuck with their false Russian-interference narrative for so long that the nation cannot consider the relations between us stable.

Really, Putin has been pretty patient. The media has been unfairly demonizing his country for months.

Hillary Clinton essentially wanted to go to war with him. Obama rolled troops up to his border and sent some Russian delegates home.

Thankfully, We the People elected Donald Trump, who would rather have Russia as an ally than a needless enemy. He’s been nailing the media from all fronts, pointing to the absurdity of their false narratives, about Russia in particular.

But, the Democrats have not exactly taken the hint. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other top Democrats have pushed rationality and what’s best for our country aside. They pursue the Russian boogeymen like their lives depend on it.

It makes you think: maybe there is some jail time at risk for the Democrats here?

The Russian official had a great suggestion for the officials in Washington, that it is “high time for someone in the States to think, ‘Are we that weak that a country can interfere in our domestic affairs and influence our electoral system?’”

Exactly! The Democrats aren’t just insulting the Russians, they are insulting We the People. We were not bamboozled into voting for Trump. We think for ourselves and decided that our country needed some big changes.

Now, it is clear, the media is not only undermining Trump’s presidency, but also putting the actual security of our nation at risk with their ridiculous games.

It’s time to hit the media over the head with this message until they have to notice: We don’t believe you! Start telling the truth, or suffer the consequences.

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