JUST IN: Soros Just Got Hit With TERRIBLE News. It’s FINALLY Happening!


While our Congress is reportedly looking at measures to get him under control here in the United States, Lifezette.com just reported the Hungarian government is putting new restrictions in place in the hopes of curbing Soros’ influence.

At the core of Soros’ influence around the world is his manipulation of NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

According the report, Hungary is now going to check out the NGOs operating in its country and dissect how they are able to do their business.

Hungary will then be able to restrict how these organizations operate and reduce the influence they have both in their country and abroad.

And Hungary is not the only country looking to solve the “Soros problem.”

It is no secret that Soros had Obama’s ear and that some very significant decisions in that administration were made at Soros’ request.

Neither is it a secret that Soros had Hillary’s ear and many, including myself, believed that had Hillary won the election, she would have been nothing more than a puppet with Soros pulling all of the strings.

Post-election, it became very apparent that Soros was not happy at losing his chance to be the de facto president, as he launched attack after attack at Trump as well as being linked to the financing of numerous protests and riots against Trump.

It is just a good thing that not only our politicians are waking up to the influence this man has in the political world, but also that many other world leaders are starting to move against Soros now.

Mr. Soros’ time as a power monger may finally be coming to an end.

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