JUST IN: James Comey Involved in a SEX SCANDAL In Rio Funded by The Clintons!

Maybe, he will say that he doesn’t remember it, but here is the press to refresh his memory. The well known servant of the Clintons, and one of the front men of their corrupt government, James Comey spent a night in January, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. Marcus “Skip” Tetheluda is a LLOD reporter who was in touch with one of the Comey’s aides who confirmed that Comes spent a night in a room in Rio De Janeiro with a male prostitute and that all this was funded by the Clintons. To back up this claim, the aide said that there was not only a paper trail but visual evidence as well.

Tetheluda stated:

“This is really f*cked up for Comey. The truth is that besides God and his wife, nobody actually cares about his intimate life and who with he shares his bed, but here we have the fact that a woman who was at that time a candidate for President funded a sex scandal. A sex scandal that involved the head of the FBI, people!! The sources tell us that Comey was on the plane with Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

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