SUPREME COURT Blames Ruth Ginsburg

Things are getting pretty messy in the world of judges, and some of them are potential winners of an ‘impeachment.’ Judge Laurence Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals revealed details about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her habit of breaking the Supreme Court’s code of ethics. Silberman made the great revelation in her piece for the Wall Street Journal. Both judges worked together for eight long years until former president Bill Clinton brought Ginsburg at the position of a supreme court justice.

Judge Silberman expressed his disagreement with Ginsburg’s political openness. According to him, a Supreme Court Justice should never behave that way. It’s surprising how Silberman criticized Ginsburg at this particular moment, but let’s not forget the joke Ginsburg made when she promised to leave the country if Donald Trump wins the elections. She also called him a ‘faker’ in several occasions. Yes, she sure ‘learned a lot’ in her law school.

“Her comments were as openly political as any justice has been in my memory — perhaps ever,” Silberman said. He also aimed his critics towards Ginsburg regarding her open endorsement of Merrick Garland.

“Now I will admit that Merrick Garland is a dear friend and I thought him the best Democrat nominee. But judges are ethically bound not to state a public position for or against a pending nominee to a federal court. At that point, it’s a political question,” added Silberman.

“I knew Justice Ginsburg once as a disciplined, relatively restrained colleague on the District of Columbia Circuit, and therefore I regret very much her evolution,” said Silberman.

Ginsburg broke the code of ethics in several aspects, and she should bear the consequences for her actions. Supreme Court Justices shouldn’t take sides, and make silly comments. Ginsberg is apparently unfit for that position.

What do you think about Ginsburg’s comments? Will she be impeached for breaking the ethics?


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