Oh My GOD! What Maxine Waters Just Got Caught Doing Will RUIN The Democratic Party

Maxine Waters has authoritatively gone crazy. She has been gotten on tape saying some entirely silly things, yet this one effectively takes the cake. This time, she was gotten on tape at an Islamic meeting PRAISING SHARIA LAW, and CONDEMNING any individual who set out conflict with it. (see video beneath)

Along these lines, now Democrats are presently commending an Islamic law that throws gays off structures, abuses ladies to the point they can’t go out or demonstrate their face in broad daylight, takes an interest in respect killings, and powers young ladies to wed more seasoned men. Give that sink access.

Our constitution does not even come close to honoring anything remotely having to do with Sharia law, so why are the democrats not only defending it, but going after Americans who criticize it?

“Americans are bigots for opposing sharia law!”

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